Group of 14 early photo postcards of Zanzibar Stone-town 1895-1911

Group of early postcards of Zanzibar stone-town 1895-1910

Collection of postcards by different photographers including: Verlag Albert Aust Hamburg; Verlag Albert Luft Hamburg, Countinho Bros; ARP de Lord; A.C. Gomes & son and P de Lord;

Best source on these cards is the book by Evans (ref 1) However several of the earliest cards by Albert Aust Hamburg are missing in this reference book.


Description:  The photo slide-show  contains the following 14 postcard images:
  • Sultan Palast (pre 1896) by Verl. Abert Aust Hamburg. One of the oldest postcards that exist of Zanzibar. Not in Evans.
  • 572 Zanzibar vieux cimitiere Arabe by Message Maritimes Evans page 224 item 174 (publish 1907-1911)
  • Aerial view of Zanzibar A.C. Gomes & Son Zanzibar
  • H.H The Sultan´s Barge Zanzibar from 1908. A.C. Gomes & son photographers Zanzibar Dhows in Harbour
  • Zanzibar Dhows in harbor
  • Zanzibar (showing the European embassy and trading house area) verl. v. Albert Aust Hamburg One of the oldest postcards of Zanzibar. Not in Evans.
  • Zanzibar (House of Wonders) verl. v  Albert Aust Hamburg  One of the earliest postcards of Zanzibar. Not in Evans.
  • (Zanzibar street-scene and steamer)Zanzibar Coutinho brothers Photographers Zanzibar  Union Postale universelle 1899-1902  Evans page 11 item 85
  •  Zanzibar  (picture of local huts next to the creek) by Verlag v. Albert Luft Hamburg serie Ostafrika 83 See Evans p2/3 but this card not listed. One of earliest postcards.
  • Zanzibar Mizigani Road A.R.P. de Lord photo artist Zanzibar no 69 1911-1913 See Evans page 104/105 but this card with RR not listed.  Notice the many ancient canons laying on the beach!
  • A street in Zanzibar 1907-1911 Evans Page 227 but without number "184"
  • Zanzibar Mizigani Road  by P. de Lord Photo-artist no 53 Evans page 105 item 53 (47905) 1911-1913
  • Zanzibar Natives of East Africa ARP de Lord photo artist Zanzibar  49508  p 105  item 75, this card missing in Evans published 1911-1913
  1. The Early postcards of Zanzibar by P.C. Evans East Africa Study Circle 2005