1888 Memoirs of an Arabian Princess First American Edition

Memoirs of an Arabian Princess by Emily Ruete

 Memoirs of an Arabian Princess. Emily Ruete, Nee Princess of Oman and Zanzibar / Appleton & co New York 1888. Second English Edition. Probably a pirate copy of the Ward & Downey edition; by Emily Ruete. 

Memoirs of an Arabian princess 1888


Memoirs of an Arabian Princess 1888



Fairly common book. Perfect condition. Cheap issue on pulp paper. This edition is not very rare. Second edition of the memoirs in English, in the same year as the first one. The Ward and Downey edition entered the library of Trinity College in January as a legal deposit in January, and was advertised months earlier.

Based on advertisements of the time we can conclude that his American edition was published one or two months later. As at that time no copyright existed in the US we cannot determine a more exact date via the "legal Deposits" As there was no copyright in the US at the time it is very well possible that it was a pirate copy.

The text is identical to the Ward & Downey publication. In this Appleton edition the name of Emily Ruete (Bibi Salme) is mentioned on the title page, unlike the Ward & Downey edition.

The picture on the front cover has some resemblance to the palaces in Zanzibar  i.e. closer to the German pictorial cover.

 Condition Browned as always, small size. Fairly common.
 References An Arabian Princess between two worlds by E. van Donzel published by Brill  Leiden 1993