Design for Magic

Designed for Magic including the Zar ceremony

Slide-Show: Magic Zar ring

This category overlaps with some of the earlier categories in particular Human figurative and Arabic writing. In the slide-show you find examples of:

a) Rings for Zar ceremony (to ban evil spirits from a person)

b) Belts for Zar ceremony (to ban evil spirits from a person)

c) Jinns

d) Fertility symbols

e) Magic numbers  

Subject:  Designed for Magic

Period Until 1950

Origin: Used all over Oman

  1. Tribes in Oman by JRL Carter, Peninsular Publishing 1982 p 169-174 contains a wonderful overview of Omani folklore relating to magic (including Witches, Zar and shrines).
  2. Richardson & Dorr The Craft heritage of Oman Volume 2 page 320-323;
  3. Influence of Animism on Islam an account of popular superstitions 1920  by S.M. Zwemer (has worked in the Gulf and Oman) p 179 - p 185 contains detailed description and analysis of magic cups p 227. Page 244 discusses the Zar: exorcism of demons.
  4. Memoirs of an Arabian princess by Bibi Salme (Emily Ruete) 1888 contains detailed descriptions about the role of magic in Omani culture, including Zar.