HvWO 155II

Omani brass plate, decorated with the shapes of many different local birds!

Omani brass plates

Very rare  Omani Baluchi  or Zanzibari large Brass plate with many different outlines of birds that actually live in the area of Oman! 

Each bird seems to be sitting on a Persian style lance or spear.

Was fitted with a hook so it could hang from a wall (causing a little damage on the edge) so was probably not used as a dinner-plate . Diameter 64 cm.


Antique Omani brass plate


Antique Omani brass plate


Arab Name: Siniyyah

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Omani Baluchi. This brass plate was purchased in Nizwa and we have never seen a similar plate elsewhere. It has a hole on one side so the plate was used for decoration on the wall and not as a dining plate. The two two circular decorations with acanthus leaves is also interesting.


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