Illustration with the vessels used in the Zanzibar slave trade 1873 Arab slave ships.

Dhow variant of Brook´s slave ship

Full page illustration of the different types of Arab vessels used in the Zanzibar slave-trade. Published is the London Illustrated News March 1873. Of particular interest is the Dhow variant of "Brooke´s slave ship" see photo on the left.


Salve Ships

Types of ships used in the slave-trade in East Afrika

 Brooke's slaveship

Dhow version of brooke's slave-ship



Common print. Illustrated London News (March 1, 1873) copied from the book by capt. Sullivan. Contains sketches of five different types of vessels on a single sheet with text. 15 x 10 inches. The large dhow picture with many slaves stowed is particularly interesting. This is a "dhow variant" of the European slave-ship stowed with many slaves depicted by Brooke. That  illustration became iconic of the Atlantic slave trade and is known as "Brookes slave-ship" published by the Quaker publisher James Philips in 1789. Even more remarkable is that that print was not a realistic representation of a slave-ship but more a symbolic representation that proved to be of enormous iconic power in the fight against slavery.

  1. 1873 Dhow chasing in Zanzibar waters and on the Eastern coast of Africa. Narrative of five years experiences in the suppression of the slave-trade (illustration bound after page 114.