Antique Omani silver Lozenge shaped centerpiece

Lozenge shaped centerpiece
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Very rare antique Omani silver lozenge shaped centrepiece. The shape and stripe  in the middle looks like an abstract "evil eye" protection talisman. Extremely rare. In the book Oman & its renaissance p 74 you can see a young girl from Ibra wearing such a rare ornament. 

Antique Omani silver hanger


Photo below from around 1890: Note the centrepiece hanging from the chain of the woman.

 Omani silver amulet

Arab name: Shok (Thorns referring to the points of the hanger)

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman: Ibra or Sinaw. Lozenge shaped hangers were also worn by Omani women in Zanzibar and the Comoro islands.

  1. Oman Adorned by  Pauline Shelton  Robert Richmond / Apex London 1997 p 88 and 89
  2. Oman and its Renaissance  by Sir Donald Hawley Stacey International London 1987 page 74 Photo left shows a girl wearing a very similar amulet.