Antique Omani leather storage bag / box / basket for storing small jewelry, made of leather and woven palm leaves. Typically used for storing silver rings.

Antique Omani jewelry leather box for storing jewelry made of leather
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Small antique Omani leather storage bag / basket for storing jewellery (e.g. rings) Made of goat-leather and inside finely woven with desert-palm fibre and with brass hinges.  These small boxes are very rare (made for town  people (Hadr)? )  The very large ones are common and used by Bedu. Size 13,5 by 22 cm.

 Antique Omani leather Box

Antique Omani leather box

Antique Omani leather box

Arab name: Daraj (mini size)


Origin: Oman interior. Hadr  / Bedouin. Purchased in Nizwa.

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