Antique Omani Khanjar (identical to illustration in the book by Oppenheim in 1900) also similar to khanjar in book Guillain.

Omani Khanjar
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Very rare antique khanjar with two rings. Unusual simple (cheap) Omani Khanjar with wooden hilt inlaid with silver or lead. The hilt is very old. It has a minimum of silver.

An identical khanjar from around 1895 is illustrated in Ref 1 (see bottom khanjar on the photo in the slide-show) named "Maskat dolche (Muscat Dagger) Von Oppenheim writes in 1899 about the swords and daggers he sees in the souq in Muscat: " Man sieht schone Waffen, die langen schwerten ohne handschutz mit auffallend langen griff, krumme, als Gurtel zu tragende Dolche mit vorzuglicher Silberarbeit, deren klingen meist aus Europa und Persien bezogen werden" Apparently the majority of blades come from Europe or from Persia.

Antique Omani khanjar


Antique omani Khanjar Oppenheim

Similar khanjar from Muscat illustrated in the book by von Oppenheim  in his book published in 1899 (ref 1)


Antique Omani silver khanjar

Unusual antique Omani wooden hilt with silver pins

Arab name: khanjar

Period: 1890-19??

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

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