Antique Omani steel/iron lock

Antique Omani steel/iron lock
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Scarce completely handmade steel  padlock with key. Looks like copy of a western lock but this style was made in e.g. Iran for 500 years until the 19th century!! Difficult to date.



  Antique Omani steel lock

 Antique Omani steel lock and key

Arab Name: Antique Omani steel/iron lock, handmade.

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman Zanzibar

  1. Locks from Iran pre-Islamic to Twentieth Century Parviz Tanavoli and John Wertime 1976 Page 92 lock no. 131 very similar.
  2. The Craft heritage of Oman Vol 1 Richardson & Dorr p248-249