An Arab lady in Zanzibar

An Arab lady in Zanzibar
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Postcard of an Arab lady A.R.P de Lord Zanzibar Printed in Germany.   Issued between 1928 and 1932. An Arab lady: note the bracelets, shoes and silver necklace.

 Antique postcard zanzibar

 Latest Arab fashion  

Identifying the shoes and Jewelry of the Arab lady

Arab / Swahili lady in Zanzibar. Please notice the following details:

  • The Omani wooden  shoes are comparable to the shoes HvWO 007 (in the wood section of our website) However our shoes have silver toe-pins. These shoes were for daily use and not for use in the Bathhouse as many Omani ladies currently believe.
  • The Omani bracelets are similar to the ones in our Silver Bracelets section : Bracelet made of silver wire with red glass beads.
  • The large Omani necklace is similar to the one in the Silver utensils section, titled a thorn tweezer on a very beautiful silver chain.
  1.  Early postcards of Zanzibar by P.C. Evans page 16